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Mortgage Information - Individual Savings Account ( ISA ) Linked Mortgages


Individual Savings Account ( ISA ) Linked Mortgage - Mortgage Information


What is an ISA Linked Mortgage?

Individual Savings Account (ISA) linked mortgage

The loan or mortgage is intended to be repaid from the proceeds of an Individual Savings Account ( ISA ). You can invest in a cash, equity (stocks and shares) or life insurance ISA. Equity ISAs are normally chosen as they can offer the best potential return and will generally be managed by a fund manager.

If your investments perform well, you may be able to repay all of the loan from the return. You may even be able to repay the loan earlier than originally planned. If your investments do not perform well you may have to find the shortfall required to repay the loan yourself.

  • ISAs are free from personal Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax under the current UK tax legislation
  • The maximum total investment for ISAs in each tax year is £7,000 (this applies until 5th April 2006)

It is always advisable to take out a life assurance policy in case you die before the mortgage is paid off.

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