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Bona Vacantiaand the Treasury Solicitor - Government Department


Bona Vacantia - ownerless property

About Bona Vacantia and the Treasury Solicitor

You could be entitled to a deceased relative’s estate, which by law has passed to the Crown, or you could be affected by a company being closed down (dissolved). Find out how to refer an estate or a dissolved company asset to the Treasury Solicitor and how to make a claim if you are an entitled relative.

About bona vacantia
Bona vacantia means ‘vacant goods’ and is the legal name for ownerless property that by law passes to the Crown. The right to bona vacantia is based on two laws: the Administration of Estates Act 1925 and the Companies Act 1985. Who represents the Crown in bona vacantia matters.

The Treasury Solicitor
The Treasury Solicitor represents the Crown in the dealing of estates of persons who die without leaving a will (intestate) and without known entitled relatives. The Treasury Solicitor also carries out this role for the collection of the assets of dissolved companies and other bona vacantia in England and Wales.

The Treasury Solicitor's Department serves the public by providing legal services to central government departments and other publicly funded bodies in England and Wales and by collecting bona vacantia on behalf of the Crown. It is the largest legal team in the Government Legal Service

Their aim is to be the best for their clients, the best for their people and the best in the business.

Their unique position at the heart of Government and the specialised knowledge of their lawyers allows them to offer clients an unrivalled breadth and depth of service. They work closely with their clients to provide a bespoke service to meet individual client needs.


The Treasury Solicitor's Department,
One Kemble Street,

DX: 123242 Kingsway