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BusinessLink -Government Department


BusinessLink - Financing a business


About BusinessLink helps your business save time and money by giving you instant access to clear, simple, and trustworthy information. It is developed in partnership with subject experts within government and relevant business-support organisations to help you comply with regulations and improve your performance.

Whether you're starting up, already running a business, or looking to grow and develop, they can help you:

  • manage your finances
  • employ people
  • find and keep customers
  • pay the correct tax
  • comply with environmental legislation
  • trade internationally
  • understand regulations in your sector
  • find events and support near you

What BusinessLink can do for you
You can manage your personal list of starting-up tasks with their Business Start-up Organiser to create a personalised list of tasks to assist you when setting up your business. Or search their Grants and Support Directory to pinpoint potential sources of help.

If you're already up and running, you can file your VAT and PAYE returns from their Do it online area.

The interactive tools can take you step-by-step through activities like how to create a written statement of employment or assess how well your business is currently performing.

There are over six hundred guides offering practical advice for businesses in all aspects of business.

Local advice and support
You can access local advice and support online, by phone and face-to-face from regional Business Link operators across England.

These services are funded by Regional Development Agencies, and supported by government departments, agencies and local authorities.

Business Link also works in partnership with Business Gateway and Highlands & Islands Enterprise in Scotland, and Invest Northern Ireland.

Find you local Business Link

BusinessLink helpline: 0845 600 9 006