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Companies House - Government Department


Companies House - UK Company Information


About Companies House

The main functions of Companies House are to:

  • incorporate and dissolve limited companies;
  • examine and store company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation; and
  • make this information available to the public.

The Registrar of Companies
The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, and Chief Executive of Companies House is Gareth Jones. His office is based at Companies House in Cardiff. The Registrar of Companies for Scotland is Dorothy Blair and her office is based in Edinburgh. There is also an Information Centre in London.

The United Kingdom has enjoyed a system of company registration since 1844. Today, company registration matters are dealt with in law, by the Companies Act 1985 and the updating legislation contained in the Companies Act 1989. All limited companies in England, Wales and Scotland are registered at Companies House, an Executive Agency of the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR). There are more than 2 million limited companies registered in Great Britain, and more than 300,000 new companies are incorporated each year.

Main Office
Companies House,
Crown Way,
CF14 3UZ

DX 33050

Companies House,
37 Castle Terrace,

Companies House Executive Agency,
21 Bloomsbury Street,

Companies House Contact Centre
Their principal route for all general enquiries is their Contact Centre. Contact Centre staff have extensive experience of Companies House products, services and operations. They will normally provide an immediate answer to your query but if they are unable to provide an answer they will transfer you to someone who can.

You can get in touch with the Companies House Contact Centre on +44 (0)303 1234 500, Minicom - 02920 381245 or by email at

Lines are open 08:30 - 18:00 UK time Monday to Friday, except national holidays.

For training and quality purposes, your call may be monitored