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Her Majesty's Courts Service - Government Department


The Her Majesty's Courts Service - Delivery of justice


About Her Majesty's Courts Service

Please note: The Courts Service is now called Her Majesty's Courts Service

Her Majesty's Courts Service (HMCS) is an executive agency of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). Their remit is to deliver justice effectively and efficiently to the public.

Her Majesty's Court Service Goal:
“All citizens according to their differing needs are entitled to access to justice, whether as victims of crime, defendants accused of crimes, consumers in debt, children in need of care, or business people in commercial disputes. Their aim is to ensure that access is provided as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost consistent with open justice and that citizens have greater confidence in, and respect for, the system of justice.”

How HMCS is organised
HMCS is structured into twenty five areas within seven regions, together with the Royal Courts of Justice group whose role includes the administration of the Court of Appeal, High Court and Probate Service.

What Her Majesty's Court Service Do
HMCS provides administration and support for the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the Crown Court, the magistrates' courts, the county courts and the Probate Service.

Business strategy
Their business strategy sets out the objectives for creating a court service that is modern, efficient and fit for the 21st century. Their strategic goal focuses on access to justice, reducing cost, reducing delay, leading to a transformation of services by 2010.

The Business Plan
Their business plan sets out their key role in delivering three of MoJ's priorities over the next five years:

  • To reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, protecting the rights of the law abiding citizen and making our communities safer.
  • To protect the vulnerable, especially children at risk and the socially excluded.
  • To enable people to resolve their problems better by promoting and delivering faster and more effective dispute resolution.


Her Majesty’s Courts Service Headquarters:
Customer Service Unit,
4th Floor,
102 Petty France,