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HM Revenue & Customs or Customs & Excise - Government Department


HM Revenue & Customs or Customs & Excise - Revenue Collection


About HM Revenue & Customs or Customs & Excise

Please Note: Customs & Excise is now called HM Revenue & Customs

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) was formed on the 18 April 2005, following the merger of Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise Departments. Work is still continuing on their office restructuring programme. They are here to ensure the correct tax is paid at the right time, whether this relates to payment of taxes received by the department or entitlement to benefits paid.

HM Revenue & Customs collect and administer:
Direct taxes - paid by you or your business on money you earn or capital you gain.

  • Capital Gains Tax.
  • Corporation Tax.
  • Income Tax.
  • Inheritance Tax.
  • National Insurance Contributions.

Indirect taxes - paid by you or your business on money spent on goods or services.

  • Excise duties.
  • Insurance Premium Tax.
  • Petroleum Revenue Tax.
  • Stamp Duty.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax.
  • Stamp Duty Reserve Tax.
  • VAT.

We pay and administer:

  • Child Benefit
  • Child Trust Fund
  • Tax Credits.

We protect you by enforcing and administering:

  • Border and frontier protection
  • Environmental taxes
  • National Minimum Wage enforcement
  • Recovery of student loans.