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Financial Services Authority (FSA) - Government Department


Financial Services Authority (FSA) - Financial Services regulator


About The Financial Services Authority ( FSA )

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) are the United Kingdom's financial watchdog set up by the government to regulate financial services and protect your rights. They set standards that financial services firms have to meet and they take action if they don’t. They also provide clear, impartial information, on their website and in publications, about financial products and services to help make money matters clearer for you.

No selling
Because the FSA are a watchdog they do not sell anything. So all their information is impartial. They provide information through their website, booklets and a Consumer Helpline. But being a regulator they cannot investigate individual complaints, recommend a particular firm or give you advice on which product to choose.

What The FSA Do
The FSA regulate most types of financial services firms, such as banks, building societies, credit unions, insurance companies, financial advisers, stockbrokers, mortgage and insurance sellers. They also work in partnership with other regulators and authorities – for example, to tackle financial crime.

The FSA don't cover the selling of loans, credit cards, second-charge loans and occupational pension schemes. Neither do they cover day-to-day banking services. These are covered by other organisations: