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Government Actuary's Department -Government Department


Government Actuary's Department - GAD - Advice to the Government


About the Government Actuary's Department - GAD

A summary of the services Government Actuary's Department (GAD) provides:

Occupational pensions
GAD provide pensions consultancy services to many of the United Kingdom public service schemes and to a number of funded pension schemes. They also advise governments and public sector organisations in other countries on their public sector pension arrangements.

Pensions policy and regulation
GAD provides actuarial advice to the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on government policy affecting occupational pension schemes. They also advise on the regulation of pension schemes, and they report on the terms for contracting out of the state second pension and produce for HM Revenue & Customs tables for calculating the maximum income for income drawdown arrangements in relation to unsecured pension funds and alternatively secured pension funds.

Staff transfers
Government policy is to provide some protection for public sector employees’ pension arrangements on a compulsory transfer of employment. GAD advise public sector organisations on such transfers of employment, and provide the certification of private sector organisations’ pension arrangements needed for public contracts.

Social security
GAD advises the United Kingdom government, and a range of other countries and jurisdictions throughout the world, on their social security arrangements. They provide a comprehensive analysis of a scheme’s financial position and its likely future development.

GAD’s insurance team specialises in providing advice to insurance supervisors throughout the world. An important part of their advice is the analysis of, and commentary on, aspects of the work of the actuary in an insurance company.

Other services
GAD provides advice in a variety of other actuarial and statistical areas, including statistical analysis, healthcare financing and actuarial training.