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Land Registry Direct - Government Department


Land Registry Direct - Register title to land


About HM Land Registry

Please note: HM Land Registry is now known as Land Registry Direct

Why become a Land Registry Direct User?
Users of Land Registry Direct have instant on-line access to more than nineteen million registers of title covering the great majority of properties in England and Wales. Viewing registers of title by Land Registry Direct is a simple, quick and inexpensive way of obtaining register information for conveyancing and property information purposes.

Land Registry Direct users will also be able to:

• Save time and money by using the on-line system to deliver applications for a range of other Land Registry services formerly requested by post

• Obtain results on-line for Searches of Whole with Priority and Land Charges Searches (Private Individuals and Limited companies)

At what times is the service available?
Access to the Land Registry Direct service are currently Monday-Friday 07:00 - 22:00 hrs (excluding Bank holidays) Saturday 07:00 - 17:00 hrs. N
ote that on Saturdays, details of some applications will be held and dealt with on the next working day.

What will it cost to use Land Registry Direct?
User IDs are free of charge. The Land Registry will make no charge for setting up, amending or cancelling User Ids

What support facilities will be provided for customers?
Users will be able to telephone a centralised Help Desk. If it is not possible to resolve a problem immediately, it will be passed on to specialists who will respond promptly.


Land Registry Direct,
Touthill Close,
City Road,

Telephone: 0844 892 0393
DX 12598 Peterborough 4