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Ministry of Defence - Government Department


Ministry of Defence - provide the defence capabilities needed


The objectives of the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has only existed in its present form since 1971 - but its predecessors go back to the times of Henry VII in the 16th century.

MOD Origins
That the MOD can seem complex and confusing is partly attributable to the variety of tasks they undertake, but another reason lies in the Department’s origins. Today’s MOD is a fusion of old ministries: from 1946 to 1964 there were five Departments of State doing what the unified MOD does now: the Admiralty, the War Office, the Air Ministry, the Ministry of Aviation and the Ministry of Defence itself. In 1964 the first three and the MOD were amalgamated, and the defence functions of the Ministry of Aviation Supply (as it had by then become) were absorbed in 1971, when the MOD took over responsibility for supplying military aircraft and guided weapons.

What the Ministry Defence Do
MOD's responsibilities and main organisations:

Air Safety and Aviation
Information on air safety and aviation, including low flying, and the MOD organisations involved in these activites

Defence Estate and Environment
Management of the Defence Estate and MODs commitments to environmental protection

Defence Management
Information about defence management and related issues

Doctrine Operations and Diplomacy
How MOD manages its operational commitments throughout the world and its contribution to international diplomacy

Equipment and Logistics
Information on military equipment and how MOD agencies ensure quality, quantity and readiness for operations

Finance and Procurement
How MOD purchases equipment and services ensuring value for money

Health and Safety
Information about MOD's commitment to the Health and Safety of its employees

Information Management
Information about the information framework supporting the MOD

Information about the legal framework supporting the MOD

Information about MOD's maritime operations

Media and Public Communication
Information about Defence media and communications policies and activities

MOD Policies and Services available to serving and non-serving Civilian and Armed Forces Personnel and their Families

Reserve Forces and Cadets
Information about Reserve Forces and Cadets, their rules, regulations and support organisations

Science and Technology
How MOD utilises Science and Technology

Security and Intelligence
Information on the concepts and strategies of defence Security and Intelligence and the organisations which deliver it

Training and Exercises
Details of organisations involved in all aspects of Training for civilian and Armed Forces Personnel