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The Pensions Regulator or Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority - Government Department


The Pensions Regulator or Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority ( OPRA )


About The Pensions Regulator

Please note: Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (OPRA) is now the Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator is the United Kingdom regulator of work-based pension schemes.

The Pensions Act 2004 gives the Pensions Regulator a set of specific objectives:

  • to protect the benefits of members of work-based pension schemes;
  • to promote good administration of work-based pension schemes; and
  • to reduce the risk of situations arising that may lead to claims for compensation from the Pension Protection Fund.

In order to meet these objectives, the Pensions Regulator concentrates their resources on schemes where they identify the greatest risk to the security of members' benefits. They will also promote high standards of scheme administration, and work to ensure that those involved in running pension schemes have the necessary skills and knowledge.

What is a 'work-based' pension scheme?
A work-based pension scheme is any scheme that an employer makes available to employees. This includes all occupational schemes, and any stakeholder and personal pension schemes where employees have direct payment arrangements.


Customer support
Phone: 0870 6063636
9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday
Fax: 0870 2411144

General office enquiries
01273 811800

Write to the Pensions Regulator
The Pensions Regulator,
Napier House,
Trafalgar Place,