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The Government Gateway - Government Department


The Government Gateway - centralised registration service


The Government Gateway

What is the Government Gateway?
The Government Gateway is the website you use to register for online government services. It is an important part of the government's strategy of delivering 'joined up' government, enabling people to communicate and make transactions with government from a single point of entry.

Register with the Government Gateway if you want to:

  • enrol for one or more government services (for example, Self Assessment, PAYE Internet Services for Employers and Electronic VAT Returns)

Once you are registered as a Government Gateway User, you will be able to:

  • submit forms to government departments for the services for which you have enrolled. You will be able to carry out some services by filling in online forms on government or private company websites. For other services, online forms will not be available and you will only be able to send forms by using software packages (such as payroll software)
  • enrol for additional services as they become available
  • assign an Agent (such as your accountant or payroll bureau) to act on your behalf for any of the services you have enrolled for

If you are an organisation you can also:

  • add other people within your organisation as Users of the Government Gateway. They will be able to carry out any of the services you have already enrolled for, and also enrol for new services. They will also be able to create and delete other Users
  • create Assistants who will have access to limited features within the Government Gateway, but can send your organisation's forms to the government using appropriate software or websites
  • complete tasks such as deleting Users, changing the services that Users are assigned to and making changes to your registration details