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The Trading Standards Institute - Government Department


The Trading Standards Institute - Consumer affairs


About The Trading Standards Institute

The Trading Standards Institute (formerly the Institute of Trading Standards Administration - ITSA) is a professional association formed in 1881. It represents Trading Standards professionals in the United Kingdom and overseas - in local authorities, the business and consumer sectors and in central government. It exists to promote and protect the success of a modern vibrant economy, and to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of citizens by enhancing the professionalism of members in support of empowering consumers, encouraging honest business and targeting rogue traders.

TSI performs an important and influencing role in engaging with, and making representations to, Government, UK and EU Parliamentary institutions, and key stakeholders in the local government, community, business and consumer sectors, and other regulatory agencies. TSI aims to sustain and improve consumer protection, health and wellbeing, together with the reinforcement of fair markets, facilitating business competitiveness and success.

TSI aims to ensure that members achieve and adhere to the high standards of conduct and discipline essential to their significant and demanding public role - those who enforce the legislation must, themselves, be seen to be beyond reproach.

It encourages the exchange of ideas, professional views, experience and lively debate between members, to their mutual benefit and greater effectiveness. To this end, it commissions, through the College of Fellows, research in appropriate fields of study and publishes reports of the findings.

Active in consumer education, empowerment and advice, TSI informs and educates both current and future consumers through events such as National Consumer Week and the Young Consumers of the Year Competition.

TSI's TS Today, published monthly for more than a hundred years, keeps practitioners and students up-to-date with consumer affairs and trading standards news and views with topical issues, briefings, interviews and more, and includes additional technical articles and law reports.

TSI has five broad corporate aims:

  • To strengthen the Institute’s influence and value by developing its member base
  • To build beneficial partnerships that assist Trading Standards and those that depend on its effectiveness
  • To raise the profile of Trading Standards
  • To enable members to continuously develop their competencies and professionalism
  • To capture and share intelligence and information to the added benefit of fair markets and consumer protection