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Directgov or UK Online - Government Department


Directgov or UK Online - Government information and services


About Directgov or UK Online

Please note: UK Online is now Directgov

Directgov is the website of the UK government providing information and online services for the public.

What is Directgov?
Directgov provides information from across government departments and elsewhere on topics ranging from completing your driving test and parental leave to finding a job or a local NHS service.

Find information and services
You can find information and services by searching or you can: browse by topics, such as:

  • money
  • employment
  • travel
  • education

and find information by audience groups, such as:

  • disabled people
  • the over 50s
  • parents

Access government services online
To make your life easier you can complete a number of government services online – from booking a driving test and taxing your car to renewing your passport or applying for a student loan.

How can Directgov help you?
With Directgov you can get:

  • the latest information direct from government
  • access to information and online services 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • help and advice via your mobile and digital service
  • access to local and central government services
  • a user friendly and secure service

Directgov on your mobile and digital TV
Directgov is available on every internet-enabled mobile phone. If you’re on the move or you don’t have access to a computer, you can use your phone to get the latest travel information, find your nearest doctor, learn about help with childcare costs and much more.

If you're a Sky or Virgin Media customer you can get Directgov through your television set. Designed specially for TV, the service has a wealth of information giving you access to public services all in one place.