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Who are OCIS?

Online Consumer Information Services ( OCIS ) was created to bring quality information and resources to the UK online consumer. OCIS is also used as an information site for our product portals that deal with Finance, Insurance, Retail and Leisure making sure that you have the information to help you make the right choice.

At OCIS, our team were suprised by the lack of quality information available on the internet. It seemed that a large number of companies were only interested in 'hard sell' - selling their products and services without providing the consumer with any additional support. So here at OCIS we have set out to rectify the information shortfall.

OCIS see it as a moral obligation, when providing a list of loans available to also provide details on the types of loans and other resources like help with debt problems.

We do not claim to know everything but all the pages within this website have been carefuly produced from information provided by reliable and trusted resources who usually specialise in their chosen field. This way we make sure every effort has been used to make sure the information you require is correct, but please read our Disclaimer. If you do find any information within this website that is wrong or misleading or would like to contribute any useful advice to the online consumer please contact us and we will be glad to help.

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