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Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society Review


Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society Company Information


About The Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society Company

The Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society was founded in 1852 by six working men in Glasgow, whose aim was to save relatives and friends from a paupers grave. Since then they have worked hard to provide for their members savings, investment and protection needs.

From humble beginnings in King Street, the Society moved as it expanded, to George Street, North Albion Street, Wilson Street and, in 1931 to their current home in Bothwell Street. Designed by Edward G Wylie, the building at 95 Bothwell Street is a Glasgow landmark which is uniquely identified by the magnificent musical clocks at each corner.

After celebrating it's 150th anniversary in 2002, the Society took the decision to close the fund to new members, allowing all their energies to be devoted to their existing members.

An incorporated Friendly Society. Register Number 2 Coll(s).
Authorized & regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA)


The Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society Limited
Chief Office:
95 Bothwell Street
G2 7HY